JACKSONVILLE – Growing up a soccer player, Joey Fisher didn’t kick a football until his second practice of fall camp as a freshman at Bishop Snyder.

He says he didn’t think he’d play football, but it just kind of happened. Fisher impressed from the jump by winning a cutthroat kicking competition in practice.

“Our senior missed the first week of practice and our coach suspended him for week one,” Fisher told Prep Sports Scouting. “I remember the coach asking if any of us played soccer.

“It was me and another kid who raised our hands. We were going 35 yards and left hash and he said whoever makes the kick wins the job. We went a few kicks in and I went on to win the job.”

Although he said it was nerve racking, he lives for competition. Fisher went on to play in three games as a freshman where he connected on 2-of-4 field goal tries. He says that’s where he discovered his confidence.

At 5’8″, 200 lbs., the senior is not your normal kicker/punter. He trains as an Olympic weightlifter doing the clean and jerk and bench press (video here).

“I started about three years ago as a freshman, the strength coach there was an Olympic lifting coach,” he said. “I bought into it. It’s just you and the bar and it’s similar to kicking which is just you and the ball.”

Fisher says he want to be the anomaly. He has lifted in front of crowds up to 3,000 people.

“I want to be the Bears punter Pat O’Donnell who went to the combine and out benched three-quarters of the group,” he said. “When you hear the name, ‘you think wow that kid is good.’

He’s now in a great spot to let his talents shine as both a kicker and punter at a highly successful sports school at Providence.

Fisher says he transferred to Providence to gain more exposure.

“Being a kicker and punter you don’t get big looks by yourself. I want to play at the next level,” he said. “It’s been great so far the kids are great, they are very welcoming. The teachers are helpful and they are very into it. The coaching staff is excited to have someone like me to come in.”

The longest field goal Fisher has made in a game is 45 yards while his longest practice kick is from 57 yards out. He says kicking is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical.

When he started off he admits that he was all about kicking field goals.

“I wasn’t a big punter guy. I wanted to be the guy who scored,” he said. “The more time at Providence, I like both and I’ve gotten a lot more consistent. My punting is my strong suit, but kicking is not far behind.”

As for his biggest strengths, he says that is his mental focus and physical strength. Fisher played both linebacker and kicker/punter the past two seasons at Bishop Snyder and he says he doesn’t fear laying down a hit.

Fisher has no offers yet and some interest from Division-II programs, but he says he’s hoping to have a big senior season and to walk on at a Division-I school.

“My dream school is the University of Florida,” he said. “I’m also applying to USF and UCF. It’s more academic prowess, I want to get my exercise physiology degree and later on my physical therapy degree. If I can play football that’s great, but academics come first.”

His head coach Jeff Kopp is entering his fourth year at Providence. The Stallions have gone 17-15 over the last three seasons which includes a 3A region quarterfinal appearance in 2014. Fisher says it’s wonderful to play for Kopp.

“He [Kopp] knows the game,” Fisher said. “He understands the game and he’s played the game at a high level. The coaching staff he has around him right now is hands down one of the best I’ve ever seen. To play under these coaches it’s the best place to be for a guy like me.”

In terms of his biggest role model, Fisher called his longtime strength coach Joe Hanson the person on the top of that list.

“He’s [Hanson] one of the greatest men I’ve ever met,” Fisher said. “He’s one of the reasons I transferred to Providence. They didn’t like the way we trained at Snyder. He saw the diamond in the rough, he pulled me out and polished my game. He’s worked his tail off to get me where I’m at strength wise.”

The NFL is something on Fisher’s mind and he says if he feels like he can make it, he’ll work his tail off, but “if it’s not there, it’s not there.” No matter what he is aiming to play football in college.

This kid has a work ethic that very few kickers or punters have at his age. He hasn’t been kicking footballs for that long, but he is all about perfecting his kicks and work as a weightlifter.

The motivation and determination can be seen with ever punt or field goal attempt from Joey Fisher. He watches how the top NFL kickers and punters do things on and off the field. Once Fisher gets a chance at the next level, he’ll run away with it. Luckily, Providence gives him a chance to showcase his talents.

Quick Hitters

Favorite players to watch – Chiefs K Cairo Santos, Eagles K Caleb Sturgis
Playlist before games – AC/DC, Eminem, Disturbed, Led Zepplin – “Stairway to Heaven” (before every kick)
Favorite movies – Top Gun, Star Wars, We Were Soldiers, Full Metal Jacket
Favorite TV shows – The Office
Fun fact about you that no one knows – “I received my Olympic lifting certification in 2015 at the age of 16. I was the youngest person in the class to take the exam and pass it. I have Olympic dreams for 2024.”
Nickname(s) from teammates or friends – “Foots”

Game film: Fisher’s Hudl tape

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