2018 forward Da’Ron Washington is treating his junior season like his last by putting in as much hard work and dedication as possible.

The 6’6″, 225-pounder made the move to Doss High in Louisville, Ky. after playing at Louisville Collegiate.

Washington says the decision to transfer to Doss was due to a chance to go up against better competition. His younger brother Darrius is an 8th grader on the team.

“I wanted to get better and improve my skill level,” he told Prep Sports Scouting. “So far it’s okay my minutes are decreasing for whatever reason but I’m trying to fight through that.”

He’s used to playing through adversity. He’s done it all throughout his basketball career which started back in the 8th grade.

As a power forward, Washington is the tallest guy on the Dragons’ roster. Senior Jaylon Hall and junior Meith Reclow both stand at 6’5.”

Here’s what Washington called the best part of his game.

“My biggest strength for right now is in the post and up high at the free throw line,” he said.

He’s working the hardest to improve his ball handling and guard skills.

Something that Washington battles in games is over thinking. He says he has a tendency to overthink what he’s going to do on most possessions.

When Washington scores, he says that brings relief and less nervousness overall.

He sets high expectations for himself as he says he’s tired of not being as amazing as he knows he really can be.

“There’s a monster somewhere inside of me but I need some work done to me in order to bring him out of me,” Washington said.

This past year, Washington started playing on the travel circuit for the Louisville Lightning. I had a chance to watch him play for the first time then at the AAU National Championship at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Fla.

Washington showed poise inside as a key defender and plenty of confidence as a driving attacker.

He says he wants to take basketball far in his life into college and then hopefully into the NBA.

Washington plans to study finance in college, but his main goal is on the court where he says he doesn’t want to give up.

His teammates call him “Ron Ron, “DMannnn” or “DW.”

This is a really good kid right here. Washington is very personable on and off the court. he sets high standards for himself and always wants to further his game.

As long as Washington continues to improve his skills, he should find a landing spot at the next level. Whether that comes in Division-I, Division-II, Division-III or NAIA remains to be seen.

He has plenty of length and basketball IQ to compete game in and game out. Look for Washington to put his name out there often this season and beyond.

Jake Perper is the scout for Prep Sports Scouting. Make sure to follow along for all the updates on Twitter: @JakePerper.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to write below or email Jake at jake.perper@hotmail.com.

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