Sports are very enjoyable.

You put your body on the line throughout the year in order to pick up as many wins as possible and earn that trophy at the end of the season.

Specifically, in high school, some athletes just glide by whether it is football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, lacrosse, etc.

A good majority of athletes however do everything they can to stand out and impress.

Skill is important we all know that, but something that isn’t talked about enough is being amicable.

The ability to be personable on and off the court is beyond important in my mind. I preach this all the time when I talk to athletes for a story or simply off the record in conversation.

I watch a ton of sports year round and when a high school athlete is snobby or big headed it makes no sense to me.

There are guys who formulate the cream of the crop around the country or just in the state of Florida and they haven’t changed their personalities¬†despite all the awards and accolades.

It is easy to support the players who not only play hard and are skilled but also are genuine to everyone they come in contact with.

I’m aware that a lot of these kids are shy if they’ve never been approached by a reporter or college coach, but that is a different story.

Being smart in the classroom and posting the right things on social media is a huge key to impressing, honestly almost as much as being friendly to those around you.

I love sports, hence why I’m a sports reporter. Working with and writing about these high school athletes is honestly the best experience.

Professional and collegiate athletes have that wow factor around them initially, but we know they’ve answered nearly every softball question thrown their way. Plus, they don’t care much about being interviewed anymore.

With high school athletes, a good amount of them have never been interviewed and they are beyond thankful just to have their stories shared. The coaches too.

The satisfaction level is there working with high school athletes on a daily basis.

I want to help each and everyone that I can because that’s my main goal. On the flip side, these athletes should desire to give back and be personable to everyone that they can.

Obviously, everyone grows up differently but when you are being coached and trained to be an athlete and you want to go onto the next level, it takes more than just skill.

Be a real human being who is very approachable. That’s my advice.

More columns to come soon…

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