I know schedules are grueling during a typical sports season. You have practices non-stop and games all over the place. Plus, school work and enjoying your life with a social aspect.

However, one aspect many athletes fail to do enough or really master is getting into the weight room.

Much too often you see a kid filled with length and potential, but he’s too skinny and has no chance down low or when attacking in basketball. For football and many other sports, you need that upper body strength to get ahead and powering up your legs helps plenty as well.

Not every kid has the frame to add muscle, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t avoid the weights. Getting reps in and keeping your body in tip-top shape is crucial.

Scouts and college coaches travel all around the country to see the top players perform and if you are one of those up and coming guys they don’t know about, you want to impress.

Putting in the time for your respective sport before, during or after practice is key, but taking that added notion to bettering your body is key. Even if it is a simple 30-45 minute workout where you lift and do crunches, you’ll be better off.

Plus, if you get into a good routine of working out hard then you’ll be that much more prepared for the next level. Weight lifting is a necessity at the collegiate and pro levels.

Don’t take your high school workout facility for granted or ask your parents to sign you up for the local YMCA.

No excuses. The best shape you can get your body in, the better off you’ll be during the season and down the road.

Keep grinding.

More columns to come soon…

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