For me, I remember the first time I suited up for YMCA basketball, my first time kicking a soccer ball and playing on a team.

Those memories and team aspects live will you forever. You are little and don’t think about anything else but having fun and winning the game.

As you grow up, the fun part fades away somewhat. For some, it goes away completely. Competition breeds success for the top guys in their sport and they continue to do well.

No matter how talented you are, the main goal of sports is to have fun. So many people will give you tips on how to do this or that better and it will get in your head. You have to take it in stride.

Remembering what sports are all about will make life that much simpler. Working hard at your goal is key during and after practices and games.

Not everyone will make it far in sports, but with talent and training, the fun aspect sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.

Don’t forget why you started playing sports in the first place. Truly having fun or watching someone have fun while playing sports is a true joy.

So, remember take a deep breath, run around, try your hardest and go have a good time.

Stressing constantly over a big game won’t do you any favors. Have fun and do what you can to contribute to your team. Be the best person and athlete you can be.

More columns to come soon…

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