In life, many people struggle to find a certain someone to lead them in the right direction. Sometimes, people have earned advice along the way to benefit them.

Regardless having a role model to guide you is very helpful no matter what profession or stage of life you find yourself in.

In sports, a role model serves a huge purpose.

A role model could be a parent, a coach, a trainer, a relative, a friend or even just a collegiate or professional athlete you look up to.

Certain athletes talk fondly of their positional coaches or travel ball coaches. There are coaches and trainers that go out of their way for athletes simply because that’s what they do. Those are the cream of the crop. Their enthusiasm and motivation is what drives you.

I envy anyone who can relish in sports and lead these young men to where they want to go, the next level.

Gaining knowledge is endless in life and in sports if you have someone who can teach you how to be a professional on and off the playing surface than that will accelerate everything.

You’ll learn plenty in school, but sometimes the lessons you learn in sports from your role models is even more prevalent. Learning how to be a good teammate is something that is instilled early in the process. Having a role model to guide you as an individual helps even more.

Whether you one of the top athletes in your sport or simply someone who wants to be part of a team during high school, learning is always something you should be doing.

To absorb as many concepts and life tips as possible, grasping onto a role model or group of mentors is something you should do no matter what. It will pay huge dividends in the long haul.

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