When it comes to life, finding a niche is beyond crucial to being a successful and happy individual.

For athletes that could mean a variety of things that start at a young age. Some kids grasp the basics rather quickly and start to develop skills that help separate themselves from the pack.

Being a good passer in basketball, a sound cover defender in football, a reliable hitter in baseball, a hard-hitting server in volleyball, the list goes on and on for all the sports offered.

Not everyone will become an all-around player. Not everyone will adapt to the changes in their bodies such as height and automatically become a good player.

Instilling the foundation from a ripe age is a key to attainment. Then as you grow up and develop, you find one main attribute to hold onto and showcase.

Discovering your niche can be something easy or something very hard. Finding more about your game or craft that you can improve upon is the tall task.

If you can build off your niche, the sky is the limit for you on and off the court. Athletes all over the country want to become the best and what better way to do that than to learn and master new parts of your game?

There’s no time like the present. Improve your niche whether it is the off-season, regular season or playoffs. No more excuses. If you want to be considered among the elite, then you need to train like the top athletes do.

Getting better each day at your respective sport should be on the top of your agenda.

More columns to come soon…

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