You’d think that you could find all the sports highlights you wanted from your television, phone or favorite social media network. Those are solid avenues of seeing big plays, but if you want to see a vast collection of unique highlights in one spot, I have one word for you.



It’s an app that launched in Sept. 2015 and has grown leaps and bounds. According to a recent Business Insider story, Overtime videos reach 11 million unique users a month, 95 percent of whom are on mobile phones and under the age of 25 and also have been shared by some big-time athletes like NBA All-Star Steph Curry (video here).

Overtime is a cross-platform tech startup that’s redefining high school and amateur sports through video. Based in New York City, Overtime is funded by Greycroft Ventures, 645 Ventures, Fitz Gate Ventures, other leading VC firms and includes David Stern and NBA players among its investors. The company was co-founded with WME | IMG, the largest sports agency in the world, and the team behind Overtime is responsible for mobile apps with hundreds of millions of downloads.

The app features various effects that you can use to make your videos pop such as instant replay, impact, rewind, freeze, scratch, flyby, slowdown, launchpad and hangtime. It includes easy to use editing software, player profiles, school and event pages, the ability to turn a video into a GIF, add music and much more. The point of the app is to get your phone in your hand, shooting video and posting it on the app for players and people to see all over the world.

The company is sprouting and they’ll soon be launching a website where they’ll bring on writers and editors to add content pertaining to the top plays and players across the country. Raw content in terms of videos, stories and online shows that break down the top plays shot on the Overtime app will be produced with on-air talent.

That is all coming in the near future.

For now, the app is turning heads and you can post the videos easily onto Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook among the major social media websites.

All athletes want to be seen and noticed by fans and college coaches. With Overtime it makes it easy for a player to have his own page of highlights in one spot. Being out at sporting events often, these kids are always making sure to put on a show in front of the cameras and with Overtime changing the game all over the place, it gets them pumped up even more.

Former NBA commissioner David Stern has invested heavily into Overtime. He served as the association’s commissioner for 30 years, last serving in Feb. 2014. Stern had this to say about the app.

“Overtime is recreating sports journalism for the mobile and social age,” Stern told Prep Sports Scouting. “For aspiring students that want to work in sports media and are willing to work hard, there are few better learning experiences than working with Overtime.”

Co-founder Zack Weiner, a 2014 Mathematics/Economics graduate from UPenn came up with the idea alongside Dan Porter, who now serves as the CEO of the company.

Searching a player’s name or certain school is easy and makes highlights watchable in seconds. The Overtime crew employs a couple of core guys to fly around the country and shoot videos at the top events, mainly basketball right now until they instill their footprint on the next sport.

For now, it is about recruiting people all over the United States and country to shoot these simple videos and upload them onto the app.

“The ability to cover the next superstars when they are still in high school is pretty awesome,” Weiner said. “We’re doing it in a way that’s completely different than what’s been done before.”

Overtime has over 131,000 followers on Facebook, over 72,000 on Instagram and just over 16,000 on Twitter.

The app has been featured on Business Insider, Tech Crunch, Mashable, Sports Business Daily, Sport Techie and many more websites.

Download the app at or go to the app store on iTunes to get it on your phone.

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Jake Perper is the founder of Prep Sports Scouting. Make sure to follow along for all the updates on Twitter: @JakePerper.

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