NEPTUNE BEACH – Taking over the reigns under center at Fletcher this season is rising senior Mackie Bell.

The 6’2″, 168-pounder has grown in height and football IQ over the past few seasons.

Arriving at Fletcher as a freshman, Bell was 5’4″, 130 lbs. He debuted on the varsity squad a year later serving as a passer on the scout team.

He grew to 6’0″ as a junior and was the direct backup to senior Michael Young. Bell is aiming to get up to the 185-pound mark by September. He was sick this past week and lost seven pounds in the process.

Bell came in at the end of games so he did earn some repetitions a season ago.

He says his confidence is through the roof right now.

“Last year I knew the guy in front of me was better. He was older and bigger,” Bell told Prep Sports Scouting. “Now, I’ve gotten stronger and faster and I can throw the pigskin all over the field.”

Starting his football life during Pop Warner, Bell has always been a quarterback. He says he didn’t start taking the game seriously until the summer before sophomore year.

Here’s why he enjoys being under center.

“I like to see and control things. I like to guide people,” Bell said. “Pretty much quarterback has never been about throwing 60-yard touchdown passes and all that, it’s about being in command and making it an art form.”

He pointed to his passing and ability to read coverages as his biggest strengths. Bell is working on getting outside of the pocket and extending plays this season.

No interest or offers have come yet for the dual-sport athlete.

Bell has played baseball his entire life and is a catcher for the Fletcher squad. He says he’ll play in the Top 100 in June for baseball, but he’s focused solely on football this summer. Bell will most likely play baseball as a senior as well.

“I’ve played baseball my whole life,” he said. “What catching has done for me has taught me the leadership standpoint. I’ve taken command and had a voice in things.”

Bell has been around Fletcher football since he the age of 3 serving as a ball boy on game days. He plays for head coach Kevin Brown, a longtime defensive coordinator there who took over the sidelines last season.

“I’ve known coach Brown my whole life. My brother played for his defense back in the day,” Bell said. “He’s a really good coach. He does a good job of breaking things down so everyone can understand that he’s a coach of the game.”

Two pure athletes, who play both football and basketball at Fletcher are Anthony Evelyn and Jeremiah Payton. Evelyn is a rising senior who has blazing speed and Payton is a rising junior who is a reliable target for Bell.

“Anthony and Jeremiah there probably some of the best receivers in the state of Florida. Jeremiah just turned 15 back in September and he’s a stud,” Bell said. “I got more trust in him and Anthony than anyone I can ask for. They can go up and get anything.”

Here is Bell’s ultimate goal with the game.

“I’d love to get a scholarship out of it. For me, I’m not so much about myself, I’d rather us win a whole bunch of games before I get looked at. We have to get back to the playoffs.”

He wants to major in either sales or communications in college.

Bell is earning his chance this season. He has a very nice structured throw and is a disciplined quarterback. Bell is determined to help his team come out on top of Class 7A-District 2. Look for him to turn some heads up in Neptune Beach this season. He’s a very smart and savvy kid.


Quick Hitters

Favorite players to watch – Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow
Playlist before games – Kodak Black, Future, Lil Yachty and Travis Scott
Favorite movies – Forrest Gump
Favorite TV shows – The Office
Fun fact about you that nobody knows – “I’m a pretty good guitar player. I’ve played both kinds for about four to five years.
Nickname(s) from teammates or friends – “Mackavelly”, “Mack”

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