I get it, high school athletes want to be known, want to be seen and want to earn that chance to play at the next level.

Putting in the work in and out of the classroom will give you a chance to suit up in college. Instead of wasting your time scanning the internet to see where you are ranked in your class for your state or nationally, train more for your sport.

Kids jump on social media, post about silly things that coaches see with a click of a button. Being ranked, having stars next to your name isn’t that big of a deal.

Generating offers, being a good person and athlete is more important. It takes more time for certain athletes to draw the attention of college coaches, but I can promise you that if you ranked 140th out 280 kids in your class, that won’t make much of a difference.

This tweet below from ESPN’s national recruiting director Paul Biancardi follows the same sentiments I think when kids complain to me or on Twitter or Instagram about their ranking. Whining will get you nowhere in life.

There really aren’t that many sites that do an in-depth job ranking 250-300 kids per class, for example. I do that for Prep Hoops Florida and the kids that are 100-300, aren’t ranked anywhere on the internet, on social media or in scouting reports.

Go out and get better at your sport. If you can do that, your ranking will move up without you even saying a word or thinking about it.

There are too many distractions, not enough time in a day and too many kids trying to get where you want to get in your sport. Improve your skills and then I bet you’ll do less complaining and you’ll be having fun and feeling like you did your all.

Isn’t sports still about having fun? Go have fun and attempt to get better. Be the best you can be.

Jake Perper is the founder of Prep Sports Scouting. Make sure to follow along for all the updates on Twitter: @JakePerper.

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